Appellate Practice

Trial lawyers like to do just that: try cases.  We focus on preparing for and presenting our clients’ cases in court before a judge and jury.  The reality, however, is that cases are appealed and that many attorneys do not have the time or expertise to handle the appeal in the appellate courts in Raleigh. The rules of appellate procedure are very complex and the courts have dismissed cases for technical violations.

When an appellate review is required in your case, Raleigh, NC attorney Louis E. Wooten III of The Wooten Law Firm is there to help. Louis Wooten will work with you and your client to prepare a well researched and persuasive argument to present to the Court of Appeals. By working with The Wooten Law Firm on appeal, you can have the peace of mind that comes with having a thoroughly researched and carefully written brief.

Not only will letting The Wooten Law Firm prepare your brief relieve you of this burden, but your client will benefit from having another attorney take a fresh look at the case. You have lived with this case for the last couple of years and it is difficult to take the fresh and objective perspective that the Court of Appeals will bring as it reviews the case. Louis Wooten can see the case as the court does and approach it from its perspective. At the same time, Louis Wooten will work closely with you and benefit from your experience in the case. As a result, the client benefits from the vantage points that both you and The Wooten Law Firm bring to the case.

The Wooten Law Firm can assist your firm in the preparation of appellate briefs in several practice areas, including:

  • Commercial issues, including real estate property, contracts, estate and tax
  • Corporate and shareholder issues
  • Fiduciary law
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practices
  • Estate administration, wills and trusts

The practice of law is hectic enough without interjecting into an already overloaded schedule a project like writing a brief for the Court of Appeals. To do it right, you need to be ready to devote thirty to forty hours to the project. For many of us, finding that kind of time is difficult at best. Let Louis Wooten of The Wooten Law Firm undertake that burden for you. That way you can continue your normal practice and doing that which you do best.

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