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Raleigh Estate Administration Lawyer

When a person dies, how their belongings and other assets – including financial holdings and businesses – are distributed can become a disruptive problem for survivors if the deceased’s estate is not administered properly.

Estate administration includes submitting the deceased’s will to probate (the process of proving its validity), locating assets, paying creditors, filing estate tax returns, distributing assets and accounting for asset distribution to the court. If all of these tasks cannot be completed in a timely manner, it can become a costly issue that creates ill will among family members and others involved.

During his more than 20 years of practicing law, Louis Wooten has assisted numerous Raleigh-area families with the administration of both large and small estates left by loved ones. Not only does he have the technical expertise to help you properly navigate the estate administration process, but he possesses the diplomatic and interpersonal skills to make sure all family members have confidence that the process is being handled fairly and impartially.

Client Testimonials

“Louis was very personable and he is very thorough. He is always forward thinking. Highly recommend Louis Wooten as an attorney.”

– Anonymous, 10/24/11

Probate and Estate Litigation

The loss of a family member, particularly a family matriarch or patriarch who served as the glue that held the family together, can be an emotionally charged time. Relationships that were strained during the decedent’s lifetime can unravel in the wake of the death. Estate litigation, which arises when a family member contests a will or trust, can leave family ties irreparably torn.

Intra-family litigation is almost always damaging and should be avoided if at all possible. Hiring a professional estate administrator from the start can keep simmering issues from building into problems. Professional estate administration, such as that provided by Louis Wooten and The Wooten Law Firm, can head off issues by taking the time to understand various family members’ points of view and sensitively manage any conflicts that arise.

The Wooten Law Firm handles a variety of estate administration tasks, including:

  • Probate, which is submitting the will for proof of its validity.
  • Ancillary probate proceedings.
  • Trust accounting and administration.
  • Transitions and dissolutions incident to the administration of a decedent’s estate.
  • Bringing or defending claims against the estate.

When estate litigation occurs, it is usually because a family member believes a will or trust is unfair or does not represent the deceased’s wishes. A family member may take issue with the fiduciary’s management of the estate administration process and file a lawsuit, as well. Estate litigation can quickly turn family members against one another.

Louis Wooten works at length with the estate’s fiduciary to minimize the risk of family strife and to manage it in situations where conflict arises to minimize its impact on the estate administration process.

If estate litigation cannot be avoided, The Wooten Law Firm prefers to partner with an experienced litigator to represent the clients’ interests. Through this team approach, the client benefits both from Louis Wooten’s vast experience in estate administration and that of a seasoned trial lawyer who presents arguments to judges and juries in court so that administration of the estate can quickly proceed.

Contact Us for Estate Administration in the Raleigh Area

Regardless of your estate administration needs, Louis Wooten of The Wooten Law Firm in Raleigh, N.C., has the experience, sensitivity and skills necessary to make the administration of your loved one’s estate easier and more efficient.

With over 20 years of estate administration experience in the Triangle, Louis Wooten has earned a reputation among clients as an approachable legal advocate who knows how to achieve practical results. He is sensitive to the needs of all involved and skilled at finding middle ground that best achieves the family’s overall objectives.

If you are facing the delicate issues surrounding the administration of a family member’s estate, let Louis Wooten help you with his decades of insight and experience with estate administration in the Raleigh area. Contact The Wooten Law Firm at 919.719.2727 or through the form on this webpage for a free initial consultation.


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