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See what some of our clients have to say about their experience with us.

Client Testimonials

“I chose Louis as my attorney to assist me on the sale of my company because I felt he could provide the excellent service I needed and within my budget. I was very impressed with his attention to detail, ongoing communication and sound advice. Being a forward thinker as he is, Louis was always on top of the wide range of the legal issues that pertained to the sale of my business…in addition his personal style won me over. I highly recommend Louis Wooten and his firm as a competent and trustworthy attorney who can tackle any legal issue.”

- Tony Maupin 1/18/15

“Louis Wooten worked closely with me, the company accountant and CPA for months in preparation to sell a closely held, 120 year old manufacturing firm. I chose The Wooten Law Firm after having previous experience with Mr. Wooten regarding estate and tax planning issues. From receipt of the Letter of Intent from the potential buyer through the execution of the Purchase Agreement and Lease of the building that was not involved in the sale of the business, Mr. Wooten exhibited expertise and “common sense” in assisting me as we worked closely together to the successful conclusion of the often complicated transactions required to complete the sale. His knowledge, patience and uncommon accessibility were exemplary and a major contribution to being able to close the transaction in a fair and timely manner, as well as a reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to recommend The Wooten Law Firm to any individual or firm in need of tax, estate or business legal advice.”

- Ralph Moore

“I was referred to The Wooten Law Firm by a friend. Mr. Wooten was quick to meet with me and provide me excellent counsel to my Trust questions. He was professional and courteous as well as timely. Thanks to him everything worked out fine.”

- Paul Satterfield

“Not only is he extremely knowledgeable of the law, he can think outside the box when it pertains to interpreting the law. I trust Louis and I would highly recommend his business services.”

- Anonymous, 9/12/11

“I am very pleased with the numerous services Louis has provided my company. Louis is easy to talk to and understands Corporate Law. I consider him a great asset to any organization. Louis is punctual, courteous, and very professional.”

- Anonymous, 9/12/11

“It was a great experience working with Louis, I was impressed by his professional knowledge and felt that my interests in the final agreement were very well looked after and secured. When it comes to purchasing a business I would highly recommend Louis to anyone”

- Anonymous, 9/11/11

“Not only is Louis very knowledgable pertaining to the assistance that I needed from him, but he is very personable and makes the experience enjoyable as well. I would turn no other place for legal assistance in his area and would seek his opinion on the right attorney to assist in legal areas outside his expertise.”

- Anonymous, 9/11/11

“I was in a dispute with the IRS for five years over taxes I was being held accountable for but were not mine. It was frustrating and took over my life. I was referred to Mr. Wooten and at the first meeting he explained everything to me and we came up with a game plan. He not only knew the law but explained it in a way that I could understand what was happening. I finally felt like I had someone on my side. He was easy to work with and in the end resolved my case. Excellent lawyer.”

- Anonymous, 9/10/11

“I was involved with a tax resolution case with the IRS. From my first conversation with Louis, I knew I had found an attorney who would work in my best interest. He was exceptional in his communication and in diligently working to resolve this matter to the complete satisfaction of all involved. He took personal interest in my case and helped me immensely. His knowledge, expertise and caring attitude are exceptional. I highly recommend him to everyone”

- Anonymous, 4/19/13

“Louis was very personable and he is very thorough. He is always forward thinking. Highly recommend Louis Wooten as an attorney.”

- Anonymous, 10/24/11

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